Falcon's Hollow
Falcon's Hollow
Nation Andoran
Size Deserted Town
Population 0
Demographics No Residents
Government None
Alignment Neutral
Leader None
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Falcon's Hollow was once a prosperous lumber community in the Darkmoon Vale region of Andoran. In late 4714 the town's former mayor, Thuldrin Kreed, was seduced by the servants of Queen Elvanna of Irrisen to aid in the conquest of Andoran by Irriseni forces. For his help, Thuldrin and a select group of his most loyal followers were spared enslavement at the hands of Elvanna's minions, allowing for a portal to Irrisen to be opened in the darkmoon wood where she planned to stage an invasion of Andoran after strengling the nation to death with an endless winter.

Falcon's Hollow was abandoned after Thuldrin sold the townspeople into slavery when Elvanna's forces arrived, and he moved his base of power north to the Talon's Hill lodge in the Darkmoon Wood. The town remained abandoned until the Andoran Expeditionary Force arrived in the summer of 4715 to search for missing members of the Eagle Knights who had come to investigate events in Falcon's Hollow.


Campaign Year Event
Reign of Winter 4715 AR Hollow's Lost Hope
Reign of Winter 4715 AR The Cold and the Dead


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