Darkmoon Forest
Darkmoon Forest
Nation Andoran

Darkmoon Forest is among the most dangerous places in all of Avistan. A feral, fey-haunted forest on the edge of civilization, the Wood presents a constant threat to those who live nearby, but also serves as a persistent temptation to adventurers eager to make names for themselves.


Darkmoon Forest is located at the base of Droskar's Crag, along the banks of the River Foam in northern Andoran, near the border of Isger and Druma. The dense forest, which stretches approximately forty-two miles wide and around fifteen miles tall, contains at its heart a small lake which runs into the nearby River Foam. Lumber camps can be found throughout the outer edges of the Vale, a reminder that the dangers of the woods are not enough to stop the expansion of the greedy Lumber Consortium. The nearest permanent settlement is the logging town of Falcon's Hollow, which rests about eight miles from the forest's southern edge.

Recent History

In 4714 advanced scouts from Irrisen arrived in Andoran and, with the assistance of Thuldrin Kreed from Falcon's Hollow, were able to set up a base of operations around the Forest Elder within the Darkmoon Forest. With the Lumber Consortium as their allies, these scouts of Irrisen were able to stabilize a winter portal to one of Irrisen's pale towers along a latent ley line. The Irriseni forces maintained a foothold in the Darkmoon Forest awaiting orders from Nazhena Valisovna, coordinator of the Avistani offensive for Elvanna.

In the summer of 4715, the Irriseni forces in Darkmoon Forest were crushed by the members of the Andoran Expeditionary Force.



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