The Mysterium Compact
Genre Character Drama, Dungeon Crawl
Current Story Arc The Ghost of Winter's Past
Start Date October 14th, 2013
End Date Pending

“Nothing is in its true form.” – C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold

Campaign Information

In the trackless wastes of southern Rahadoum there lies an ancient and forgotten school known as Akrabahadran, the College of Shadows. Here where history forgets and time stands still, the fate of an entire kingdom will fall on the shoulders of a handful of exceptional children as they discover the greatest secret of life: that true strength lies within.

The Mysterium Compact is an adventure path for Four to Six 1st-level characters. Players can expect their characters to attain 14th level by the end of the adventure path.

Student Body PCs (Atelis)
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deriku.png erik.png aldon.png alanar.png
Student Body NPCs (Atelis)
Faculty (Dáskalos)
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Story Synopsis

The Twin
The Locksmith
The Bear
Chapter I: The Ghost of Winter's Past
Part I: A Shadow on the Wall


Major Locations
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