Axiom Binder (Summoner)

Where most summoners call forth primordial forces and sculpt them into the forms of powerful eidolons, you have gained insight into the cosmic forces of Axis and the foundries of the universe itself. What you conjure is no mere eidolon, but a representation of law born of the very universe itself, an axiom of creation bound to your very soul; a machine of relentless power and undeniable purpose. Axiom binders are smiths of the mind, channeling the celestial forges of the great beyond to sculpt and shape powerful inevitable-like constructs to their very will.

An axiom binder has the following class features.

Alignment: An axiom binder must be lawful. If an axiom binder becomes a non-lawful alignment, he loses access to his forged eidolon and axial magic class abilities.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The axiom binder is proficient with all simple weapons, light and medium armor but not shields. An axiom binder may cast summoner spells in up to medium armor without risking a chance of spell failure. Wearing heavy armor incurs the normal spell failure chance. This replaces weapon and armor proficiency.

Axial Magic: At 1st level an axiom binder adds the following spells to his summoner spell list: 2nd—arrow of lawᵁᴹ, 4th—order’s wrath, 5th—dispel chaos, 6th—dictum. An axiom binder uses Intelligence to determine bonus spells per day and the save DCs of his summoner spells.
This ability modifies the summoner's standard spellcasting ability.

Forged Eidolon: Instead of an outsider, an axiom binder’s eidolon has the construct type and the extraplanar and law subtypes. The eidolon gains all the traits of the construct type and its statistics are otherwise changed from a standard eidolon as follows:

Bonus Hit Points: A forged eidolon does not have a Constitution score, and as such receives bonus hit points based on its size as described on the table below. These bonus hit points are only applied when the eidolon is summoned, so evolutions that increase size will grant bonus HP but spells, spell-like abilities and other temporary sources will not.

Construct Size Bonus Hit Points
Small 10
Medium 20
Large 30
Huge 40
Gargantuan 60
Colossal 80

Saves: The eidolon’s good save is always Fortitude and its Will and Reflex saves are always poor.

Mindless: An axiom binder’s forged eidolon has no intelligence score, and therefore gains no skills and cannot gain any feats.

Healing: A forged eidolon cannot heal damage naturally but otherwise behaves as an eidolon does for purposes of hit point damage and how it regains health. The rejuvenate eidolon spells function on a forged eidolon as they would a normal eidolon. Forged eidolons can also be healed by way of the Craft Construct feat and spells such as make whole.

This otherwise works like and replaces the eidolon and summon monster abilities of a normal summoner.

Eidolon Modifications A forged eidolon functions like an ordinary construct for the purposes of complex construct modifications (see Ultimate Magic;p.114). Some modifications may be inappropriate for a forged eidolon, and players are encouraged to discuss such alterations to their forged eidolon in advance with their GM.


An axiom binder has access to unique evolutions listed below.

2-Point Evolution

Light Fortification: The eidolon has a 25% chance to negate the additional damage of a critical hit or sneak attack. A summoner must be at least 5th level to choose this evolution.

3-Point Evolution

Moderate Fortification: The eidolon has a 50% chance to negate the additional damage of a critical hit or sneak attack. A summoner must be at least 9th level to choose this evolution. Requires light-fortification.

4-Point Evolution

Heavy Fortification: The eidolon has a 75% chance to negate the additional damage of a critical hit or sneak attack. A summoner must be at least 14th level to choose this evolution. Requires moderate fortification.

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